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What is a pub file and how do I open a pub file?

PUB files are created by Microsoft Publisher, a program used to create professional documents and marketing materials. A .PUB file contains raster and vector images, text, and drawn objects formatted in a document, and may be used to create newsletters, brochures, posters and other documents. PUB files may also be used to integrate and store data sources for mail merges and generating datasheets. Microsoft Publisher is available separately from Microsoft, but is usually sold as part of the Home Professional Office product. Unlike the other Microsoft Office products the format of this product did not change in Office 2007. However some features would be lost if you opened or saved a 2007 Publisher file in older versions. In Newer versions of Microsoft Publisher users have the ability to create PDFs as well as .PUB Files, while older versions of the software require several in-between steps and third-party software solutions in order to convert Publisher files into PDF format.

Mac OS
Recommended pub file download:
Microsoft Publisher 2013
Adobe InDesign CS6 with PUB2ID Plugin
Adobe InDesign CS6 with PUB2ID Plugin
Detail pub file extension information:
File Type: pub
File Format: Publisher Document
Primary Association: Page Layout Files
Mime Type: application/x-mspublisher