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format file sna

What is a sna file and how do I open a sna file?

When backup software is used such as Drive Snapshot, it usually uses a virtual disk format for the creation of differential backups. This format refers to the backup files used by Drive Snapshot, which are the SNA files. Backup files like SNA files are used to create backups or copies of files contained in a computer. They help set aside all the important files user’s need to save either for the purpose of transferring these files into another computer or for the purpose of keeping these files safe when the computer is corrupted and needs to be reformatted. These files save important documents so they can still be accessed even if a different computer is used. SNA files opened using the Drive Snapshot program are mounted like physical disks which is why they are called virtual disk format. SNA files are also usually known as the primary backup files while SN1 and SN2 file extensions are used as differential backups.

Recommended sna file download:
Tom Ehlert Drive Snapshot
Detail sna file extension information:
File Type: sna
File Format: Drive Snapshot Primary Backup File
Primary Association: Backup Files