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format file spb

What is a spb file and how do I open a spb file?

The SPB file extension is affixed to saved Flight Simulator Mission Files, and this file format was developed by Microsoft. Generally categorized as game files, these .spb files are implemented by Microsoft ESP, which is a toolkit for applications that are used to simulate real life situations. The toolkit stores flight simulator mission conditions, which also includes the mission state "triggers" and "actions". The state is then saved in an FLT file, considering its specific part in the entire saved game. ESP technology is only for games like Microsoft Flight Simulator X. The purpose of SPB files basically originates with the creation of Microsoft ESP in XML formats, and these are saved in binary SPB formats. If users intend to convert X SPB files to XML, a program called spb2xml can be used.

Recommended spb file download:
Microsoft Flight Simulator X Gold Edition
Detail spb file extension information:
File Type: spb
File Format: Flight Simulator Mission File
Primary Association: Game Files
Mime Type: application/toolbook