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format file srr

What is a srr file and how do I open a srr file?

The archive metadata files created using Rescene uses the file extension SRR, which is why these archive metadata files are called ReScene Metadata Files. All metadata files in the RAR archive are backed up using SRR files and just as Rescene is a program used in repackaging RAR files, SRR files contain backups of all RAR file parts although it does not contain the actual data archived. SRR files also refer to the storage of other release files like SFV and NFO as well as can be a combination of original non-metadata archive files so that the original distribution archive can be recreated. The ReScene program deals with Warez scenes since when REScene creates SRR files containing backup copies, these files are most of the time located in Warez RAR archives. SRR files are also extensible formats which mean they may be used for other purposes in the future. Windows can open SRR files with the REscene application installed.

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Detail srr file extension information:
File Type: srr
File Format: ReScene Metadata File
Primary Association: Backup Files