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format file lzm

What is a lzm file and how do I open a lzm file?

A Slax module file is an archive of files that may contain one or more files and even folders with multiple files, and files stored in these Slax modules are integrated with compression specifications and implemented with encoding standards used for the LZM format. Affixed with the .lzm extension, these Slax module files are used by the Slax operating system, a small Linux OS distribution. These Slax module files are commonly used for storing program files and other data required by an installer of an application developed for the Slax OS. A Slax module file has a smaller file size compared to the combined size in uncompressed formats of all files and folders stored in the LZM file. In Slax, right-clicking on a file, group of files or a folder or group of folders will display a menu list, and selecting "Build Slax Module" will create an LZM file containing all selected files and folders. These LZM files can then be decompressed so as to extract all files and folders in the Slax module file by right-clicking on the LZM file and choosing the "Extract Slax Module" option from the menu list. Slax v6 is the particular version of this Linux OS that has been implemented with support for these LZM files compression and decompression functionalities.

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Detail lzm file extension information:
File Type: lzm
File Format: Slax Module
Primary Association: Compressed Files