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format file paq8f

What is a paq8f file and how do I open a paq8f file?

PAQ8F files are also compressed files but they are files created by PAQ8F, a program that belongs to the series of programs mainly used to test tradeoffs between the performance of the computer and the rate of compressions. Other programs that belong to the iterative series of programs are the PAQ8A, PAQ8JD, PAQ8, PAQ8B, and a lot more. Although PAQ8F files are known as PAQ8F Compressed Archives and they are supported by several applications like PeaZip, they are rarely used as compression file format. PAQ8F files are mostly opened on Windows with the use of PeaZip. PeaZip is a free utility used to extract, compress, split, encrypt and convert files. This software also supports several file formats which is why it is not that hard to extract files with a different archive format through it. PeaZip allows users to perform these compression tasks with ease, with security as well as convenience when it comes to sharing files.

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Detail paq8f file extension information:
File Type: paq8f
File Format: PAQ8F Compressed Archive
Primary Association: Compressed Files