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format file pbi

What is a pbi file and how do I open a pbi file?

Files with the PBI extension are known as PC BSD Installer Package files. They are the installation packages categorized as compressed files that were created for the PC-BSD operating system. These files contribute a lot to full system installation since they contain the setup files and libraries. When these PBI files are opened, they automatically start the PC-BSD installation wizard. They are equal to the Windows installation files and since they are considered executable files, they play a big part in installing software easily and quickly on PC-BSD. PC-BSD was developed by iXsystems and it is known to be a user-friendly operating system. It became popular because it has a stable and secure server environment and the FreeBSD this OS has been based on is excellent when it comes to providing a base for building a desktop operating system. It is called user-friendly because it allows users to easily install the system with a graphical installation program. This excellent function of PC-BSD is also owing to the PBI files it contains.

Recommended pbi file download:
PC-BSD Installation
PC-BSD Installation
Detail pbi file extension information:
File Type: pbi
File Format: PC BSD Installer Package
Primary Association: Compressed Files