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format file qpm

What is a qpm file and how do I open a qpm file?

The Quick Pallet Maker Input Data is stored in the QPM format and is affixed with the QPM extension, and is used by the Quick Pallet Maker software. These QPM files are generally classified as computer aided design files that contain primary package information and box and pallet settings. Specifically they contain the main Input Window and the Dividers window information. These files are used for calculating shipping pallet arrangements from primary package dimensions. These text files can be read by any text reading application and can be saved into the hard disk or any network disk. The QPM extension is carried by Windows and Mac OSX machines, but not in Mac OS Classic. The Koona Software Quick Pallet Maker can be used in Mac operating systems and in Microsoft Windows based systems to access and open the data stored in these QPMfiles. This software is a package design application used for creating optimal boxes and pallet arrangements.

Mac OS
Recommended qpm file download:
Koona Software Quick Pallet Maker
Koona Software Quick Pallet Maker
Detail qpm file extension information:
File Type: qpm
File Format: Quick Pallet Maker Input Data
Primary Association: CAD Files