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format file rz

What is a rz file and how do I open a rz file?

Archives that the RZIP data compression utility compressed are known as RZ files. This RZIP data compression utility is usually using the format bzip2. These RZ files contain any file whether they are in the form of texts, documents, spreadsheets, images, etc. as long as they are compressed using RZIP, they are known as RZ files. RZIP is an excellent compression program because although it has functions similar to GZIP and BZIP2, long distance file redundancies can be taken advantage of and this allows the production of a more excellent compression through RZIP which is nothing compared to other compression programs. RZIP compression is even faster than other compression programs. RZ files can be opened with GNU rzip program but it is possible to convert these files to another format that can be opened even without the exact application. Encoding and compression are the two stages by which these RZ files can compress data.

Recommended rz file download:
GNU rzip
Detail rz file extension information:
File Type: rz
File Format: Rzip Compressed File
Primary Association: Compressed Files