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format file s00

What is a s00 file and how do I open a s00 file?

The first split .ZIP archive part created using the ZipSplitter is what is referred to as .s00 files, which is why .s00 files are considered ZipSplitter Part 1 Archives. ZipSplitter is known as a splitting program for compressed archives or a program that transfers large files into an external disk by splitting it into several small files. This program was developed by Lithops and is very useful especially when it comes to sending large files through email, creating backup files and saving these files to a disk, etc. These S00 files are not the whole file that is compressed that are to be split. These are only the part 1 of the zip archive files the program created. But since it belongs to the file as a whole, it is saved together with other split archive files. EXE files that come with these files can be used to extract these split archive files.

Recommended s00 file download:
Lithops Software ZipSplitter
Detail s00 file extension information:
File Type: s00
File Format: ZipSplitter Part 1 Archive
Primary Association: Compressed Files