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format file sdn

What is a sdn file and how do I open a sdn file?

The SDN file format is implemented for compressed files in the protected archive format that almost all shareware programs use. SDN files are known as shareware distributors network files since they are mostly used to transfer shareware programs from one computer to another. Shareware programs can be any application that users can download online and mostly they are free as they are only trial versions by which users can try out the software for a limited period of time. Since these programs are to be downloaded online to the computer, they need to be in a compressed format that could transfer all the program files in one archive so they need to be saved in the SDN format. When these program files are saved in this format, the files contain all information about the file such as copyright and other data. Robert K. Jung’s ARJ Archiver, a reliably fast file archiver for compressing files; can successfully extract SDN files.

Recommended sdn file download:
ARJ Archiver
Detail sdn file extension information:
File Type: sdn
File Format: Shareware Distributors Network File
Primary Association: Compressed Files