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format file shar

What is a shar file and how do I open a shar file?

The compressed archives that are created by Unix Shell Archive Program are SHAR files and they obviously contain a variety of files in a single archive. SHAR files operate by compressing these files into an archive. SHAR files are different from other archivers because generating these files may require a shell script wherein this script promotes the recreation of specific files through an executed command. SHAR archives are also known as self extracting compressed file and the presence of the UNIX Bourne shell is needed for its proper functioning. SHAR files are text files that help develop other utilities for compression and since it is a command-line driven program, executing these files requires users to type a certain SHAR command. The duplication of the functions of a script based on UNIX is one of the capabilities of SHAR files; which is why they are considered important shell scripts. Typing the command “sh filename.shar” can unpack SHAR files.

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Detail shar file extension information:
File Type: shar
File Format: Unix Shar Archive
Primary Association: Compressed Files
Mime Type: application/x-sh, application/x-shar