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format file srep

What is a srep file and how do I open a srep file?

When SuperREP, a compression program using the lossless data compressing technique compresses files into an archive, the compressed archive is saved using the SREP file extension and they are therefore, known as SREP files or the SuperREP Compressed Files. These SREP files greatly improve REP algorithm’s compression ratios which are also found in the software called FreeArc. SREP files also help shrink file transfer sizes, therefore they are also useful for backing up data. These files make the application SuperREP distinct from other compressors as these files allow this compressor to compress large dictionaries, even larger than that of the standard amount of RAM size available and achieved by other compressors, making it a more convenient and highly preferred compressor especially for those who have large files to compress. FreeArc also supports the SREP file extension. This fast compressor packed with a set of amazing features can be used to open SREP files.

Recommended srep file download:
FreeArc with SuperREP extension
Detail srep file extension information:
File Type: srep
File Format: SuperREP Compressed File
Primary Association: Compressed Files