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format file s7z

What is a s7z file and how do I open a s7z file?

Compressed file archives using 7-Zip compression for MAC are in the s7z format wherein this format contains data specifically run by MAC such as spotlight metadata, resource forks as well as owner and group permissions. These data do not exist in Windows compression programs; which is why they are exclusively used by MAC OS. The s7z format’s main feature is the fact that it has an open architecture which makes it support different methods of compression as well. The format also features a high compression ratio, large file support, compression of archive headers and a lot more features. This is a compression format mainly used by 7-ZIP, a popular file archiver that allows users to decompress numerous archiving formats thereby capable of producing a high compression ratio. It is software developed by Igor Pavlov and the s7z files can be opened using the Sixty Five 7zX application which runs on MAC OS.

Mac OS
Recommended s7z file download:
Sixty Five 7zX
Detail s7z file extension information:
File Type: s7z
File Format: Mac OS X 7-Zip File
Primary Association: Compressed Files
Mime Type: application/x-7z-compressed