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format file acl

What is an acl file and how do I open an acl file?

The ACL format is implemented for files defined as auto correct list files used in the Microsoft office suite. These files hold the AutoCorrect List produced by the AutoCorrect functionality that is built into the Microsoft Office production suite. This utility applet is implemented to routinely integrate all grammar corrections and spell errors that have been patterned by the program based on a pre-constructed algorithm applied by its default language functionality. The attributes maintained by ACL files can only be customized within the Microsoft Office program itself and not through manual revisions with the use of other applications. This means the content of these ACL files can only be modified, or new content can only be added to these ACL files, through the Microsoft Office program that created it. A universal ACL file is also usually linked to a distinct foreign language prefered by the user.

Mac OS
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Referenced by Microsoft Office applications
Referenced by Microsoft Office applications
Detail acl file extension information:
File Type: acl
File Format: AutoCorrect List File
Primary Association: Partially Downloaded Files