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format file mbb

What is a mbb file and how do I open a mbb file?

Files with the MBB extension are considered Kodak EasyShare Data Files because they are the files that the Kodak EasyShare application generated. It was developed by Kodak and they are files containing important information used by the software to create picture catalogs. MBB files always use ebsk.mbb but they are also related to ebsk.mb. Rebuilding MBB files may be necessary especially if the Easyshare software fails to load properly, but rebuilding MBB files may require deleting the ebsk.mbb and ebsk.mb files manually. The Easy share software by Kodak is used to open MBB files. This application is used for the organization of digital photos as well as sharing these photos to others. The software can also be used to print digital photos from the Kodak camera. This provides an easy way to manage photos without needing an actual photo album. MBB files can be opened on Windows and MAC operating systems as long as the Easyshare software is installed.

Mac OS
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Kodak EasyShare
Kodak EasyShare
Detail mbb file extension information:
File Type: mbb
File Format: Kodak EasyShare Data File
Primary Association: Partially Downloaded Files