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What is a desktop file and how do I open a desktop file?

There are different types of miscellaneous files, and DESKTOP files are categorized as such, though are more commonly called desktop entry files. These DESKTOP files are appended with the .desktop extension and are used by some Linux programs as reference data when a user accesses the menu items in an application. The data stored in these DESKTOP files consists of plain text information integrated with XML-based encoding specifications, and these plain text entries are pieces of data relevant to the corresponding application menu item on focus. Specifically, the name of the menu item and the associated code to initialize and run the corresponding application are some of the pieces of code implemented into these DESKTOP files,. This means when a user of a Unix-based application clicks on an item in the menu toolbar of the application window on focus, the software on focus locates the data stored in the corresponding DESKTOP file. It then references the data in the DESKTOP file and displays the corresponding details of the menu toolbar item on focus.

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Detail desktop file extension information:
File Type: desktop
File Format: Desktop Entry File
Primary Association: Partially Downloaded Files
Mime Type: application/x-desktop, application/x-gnome-app-info