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format file dal

What is a dal file and how do I open a dal file?

Speedbit developed the Download Accelerator Plus software, and this application can be used to export and import the content stored in these DAL files. Files saved in the DAL file format are appended with the .dal extension and are specifically called Download Accelerator Plus URL list files. URLs of download locations of certain digital multimedia content like videos, audio files, applications and digital books can be stored in data files supported by particular programs like the DAP (Download Accelerator Plus) program, a download management application. Users of Microsoft Windows-based systems can install the Download Accelerator Plus program to start accessing the lists of download locations stored in a DAL file, and these DAL files can also be shared with multiple DAP users via the DAL importing and exporting functionalities implemented into the Download Accelerator Plus software. This application also provides a feature where users can resume downloads that have been paused by the user or were stopped by the application due to Internet connection problems.

Recommended dal file download:
SpeedBit Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)
Detail dal file extension information:
File Type: dal
File Format: Download Accelerator Plus URL List
Primary Association: Partially Downloaded Files