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format file dwc

What is a dwc file and how do I open a dwc file?

An Emulex DWC firmware update file contains code created by Emulex developers that can execute and start the update process required by the corresponding Emulex hardware device. These Emulex DWC firmware update file is implemented with proprietary encoding specifications developed by Emulex for the the DWC format. These DWC files are affixed with the .dwc extension and are associated to particular firmware versions integrated into specific Emulex hardware devices. Emulex manufactures network devices like routers, modems, switches and bridges. When a file in the DWC format is initialized, the firmware of the Emulex network device executes the code stored in the DWC file to update the firmware version of the Emulex device, and this process does nothing to the post code, but rather just accesses and changes certain OS components and kernel codes required by the firmware update and the Emulex device. The eMule software can be used to download and use these DWC files, and there are versions of the eMule program for Microsoft Windows-based systems and Linux platforms. There is also a version of eMule for Mac systems.

Recommended dwc file download:
eMulex lputil
eMulex lputilnt
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Detail dwc file extension information:
File Type: dwc
File Format: Emulex DWC Firmware Update File
Primary Association: Partially Downloaded Files
Mime Type: application/dwc