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format file acd-zip

What is an acd-zip file and how do I open an acd-zip file?

The ACD-ZIP file extension is a data file format associated to project files of Sony ACID, music editing software. ACD-ZIP file extension and ACID were first created by Sonic Foundry in 1998, and now owned by Sony. These files contain audio project files and music compilation files with embedded media in a compressed format. Saving project files in a compressed format, allows user to create all-in-one-file for related files. To save files in ZIP format, user has to select “ACID Project with Embedded Media (*.acd-zip)” from the “Save as type drop-down list”. This procedure would also lead to automatically selecting the “Copy all media with project option”. The user has to know that since these are compressed files, it takes longer time to open them. Files in ACD-ZIP format can be opened with Sony ACID Pro 7, Sony ACID Music Studio 8 and Sony ACID Xpress in Microsoft Windows-based systems.

Recommended acd-zip file download:
Sony ACID Pro 7
Sony ACID Xpress
Sony ACID Music Studio 8
Detail acd-zip file extension information:
File Type: acd-zip
File Format: Sony ACID Project With Embedded Media File
Primary Association: Audio Files