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format file afc

What is an afc file and how do I open an afc file?

The AFC file extension is a data format associated to Mass Effect 2, a science –fiction RPG shooter game that uses the Unreal Engine 3 gaming engine. The AFC files and Mass Effect 2 were developed by Electronic Arts. These files are audio files that contain one or more game audio tracks, either dialog audio, music or sound effects format. This format can be converted to WAV format by using conversion software such as ww2ogg. Files in AFC format can be opened with Electronic Arts Mass Effect 2, Gibbed's Audio Extractor, ww2ogg, afcextr, and Afc2ogg in Microsoft Windows-based systems. To enjoy 508 pieces of Ogg Vorbis encoded music a user can make a Mass Effect 2 Soundtrack, by first Downloading “Mass Effect 2 .AFC extractor” then unzip everything into a “new folder”. Next is to copy “C:GamesMass Effect 2BioGameCookedPC*Music.afc” to the new folder. Finally, Run “Extract, Convert.bat” and Run “Rename.vbs”

Recommended afc file download:
Electronic Arts Mass Effect 2
Gibbed's Audio Extractor
Detail afc file extension information:
File Type: afc
File Format: Mass Effect 2 Audio File
Primary Association: Audio Files