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format file agm

What is an agm file and how do I open an agm file?

The AGM file extension is a data format associated to DTS Pro Series Surround Encoder, program used to package and encode audio files. The AGM files and DTS Pro Series Surround Encoder were developed by DTS or Digital Theater Systems. These files contain a collection of compatible audio files with their corresponding file length, bit rate, session data, and sampling rate metadata. They are encrypted in Surround Encoder before sending over to a network. They are used for encoding audio that can be written to a CD or DVD. To create a DTS encoded file, first create a packed AGM file through the Packer program that selects the individual audio files corresponding to each individual channel. The DTS Packer program creates a single AGM data file from the multiple audio tracks. Files in AGM format can be opened with DTS Pro Series Surround Encoder in in Microsoft Windows-based systems.

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DTS Pro Series Surround Encoder
DTS Pro Series Surround Encoder
Detail agm file extension information:
File Type: agm
File Format: DTS Multi-channel Pro Packer File
Primary Association: Audio Files