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format file cpr

What is a cpr file and how do I open a cpr file?

The CPR file extension is a data format associated to Cubase, a music production program. CPR files and Cubase were developed by Steinberg Media Technologies. These files are audio project files that contain data such as audio and MIDI tracks, audio file assets references to audio file assets software instruments, audio effects, and mixer settings. They do not contain the actual audio files for the project. These files are integrated with Digital Audio Workstation application. They serve as a marker to the computer, indicating that the file requires Cubase DAW to be opened. They are created by Cubase version 4 or later, Cubase LE and SX/SL editions. There are backward compatibility issues between different Cubase versions using the CPR format. The Cubase 4 version no longer supported the import of Cubase VST songs and projects. Files in CPR format can be opened with Steinberg Cubase in Mac Os and Microsoft Windows based systems.

Mac OS
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Steinberg Cubase
Steinberg Cubase
Detail cpr file extension information:
File Type: cpr
File Format: Cubase Project
Primary Association: Audio Files