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format file alaw

What is an alaw file and how do I open an alaw file?

The ALAW file extension is a data format associated to A-Law Compressed Sound. ALAW files and A-Law Compressed Sound were released in 1972. These files represent audio compression scheme common in voice only applications and are mostly used in European systems. Slightly similar to u-Law compression format, it compresses original 16-bit audio down to 8 bits (for a 2:1 compression ratio) with a dynamic range of about 13-bits.The compression data is half the size of the original sample. With such compression rate, logarithmic encoding and decoding is fast and basically falls under WAV file category. They are also known as CCITT standard G.711 and are used to improve signal to noise ratio for digital telephones. This indicates that lost information would not be heard by the human ear. They have the ability to optimize the dynamic range of an audio signal. Files in ALAW format can be opened with Apple QuickTime Player in Mac Os and Microsoft Windows-based systems.

Mac OS
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Apple QuickTime Player
Apple QuickTime Player
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Detail alaw file extension information:
File Type: alaw
File Format: A-Law Compressed Sound Format
Primary Association: Audio Files