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format file awb

What is an awb file and how do I open an awb file?

The AWB file extension is a data format associated to Adaptive Multi-rate Wide Band (AMR-WB). The AWB files were developed by Nokia Research Center and were standardized by ETSI or Third Generation Partnership Project in December 2000. These speech codec files are used by mobile phone networks to carry speech data and for speech data transmission or voice recordings. Technically, they support a wider or larger frequency bandwidth of 50 Hz to 7 KHz in nine different bit rates of 23.85, 23.05, 19.85, 18.25, 15.85, 14.25, 12.65, 8.85 and 6.6 kbps. They utilize the Algebraic Code Excitation Linear Prediction technology, same codec used for AMR and EFR formats. They also include a background noise mode of 1.75 kbps. Files in AWB format can be opened with Nokia Multimedia Converter, FairStars Audio Converter, and AMR Player in Microsoft Windows based systems. This is the same format used in Nokia True Tunes.

Recommended awb file download:
Nokia Multimedia Converter
FairStars Audio Converter
AMR Player
Detail awb file extension information:
File Type: awb
File Format: AMR-WB Audio File
Primary Association: Audio Files
Mime Type: application/activewords-wordbase, audio/AMR-WB