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format file band

What is a band file and how do I open a band file?

The BAND file extension is a data format associated to GarageBand Software. The BAND files and GarageBand Software were developed by Apple. These files contain MIDI and audio data files made by Apple Loops and software instruments. The BAND file is a complete music project file. The software is an OS X and iOS application for creating music or podcasts and a part of the iLife software or Logic Pro 7. GarageBand smart instruments include keyboard, guitar, drums, bass, sampler instruments and many others. These instruments sound like real instruments. Files in BAND format can be opened with Apple GarageBand '11 in Mac Operating Systems. With the software music input can be done by pre-recorded loops, recording interface or through MIDI keyboard. The latest version offers guitar amps and effects, skill test, basic lessons, groove matching and flex time. These files can be sent through email not by attaching the BAND file directly but through creating an archive and sending it as ZIP file.

Mac OS
Recommended band file download:
Apple GarageBand '11
Detail band file extension information:
File Type: band
File Format: GarageBand Project File
Primary Association: Audio Files