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format file bap

What is a bap file and how do I open a bap file?

The BAP file extension is a data format associated to Blaze Audio program. BAP files and Blaze Audio program were developed by Blaze Audio. These files contain audio information that allows it to open faster in the editing program. They occupy little space but increase the processing speed of the program. These files do not contain the actual audio data. They are created by RipEditBurn when you open an audio file and they are saved at the original wave file location to allow the software to open. Files in BAP format can be opened with Blaze Audio RipEditBurn in Microsoft Windows based systems. Key features include extensive editing features, including fading in and out, equalization, volume control and normalization, special effects, vocal reducer, overdub and many others. It allows editing of MP3s, WAVs and put music into iPods and compact discs. Editing tools include cut & paste, selection, delete, one level of undo/redo, crop, cut selection to file, copy selection to file, and add silence

Recommended bap file download:
Blaze Audio RipEditBurn
Detail bap file extension information:
File Type: bap
File Format: Blaze Audio Wave Information File
Primary Association: Audio Files