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format file bld

What is a bld file and how do I open a bld file?

An Envisioneer building project file is created by a user of the Envisioneer software, and these project files are affixed with the BLD extension when the user saves these files in the standard output file format supported by the application. The Envisioneer program is classified as Building Information Modeling software, more commonly known as BIM applications. Users can install the Envisioneer software into their Microsoft Windows-based systems to start creating projects saved in the BLD format. This application can be used to create and edit building designs. The content of these BLD project files usually includes reference details of images among other 2D and 3D objects used in the building designs associated to specific BLD project output files. framing elements, roofing designs, furniture ideas, lighting effects and room concepts are just some of the 2D and 3D objects that can be implemented into a BLD project using the Envisioneer software. This application can also be used to develop building documents, and files saved with the .bld extension can be exported to the DWG format.

Recommended bld file download:
Cadsoft Envisioneer
Detail bld file extension information:
File Type: bld
File Format: Envisioneer Building Project File
Primary Association: Data Files