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format file gcw

What is a gcw file and how do I open a gcw file?

The .gcw file extension is used by Microsoft Mathematics, now known as of this writing as Microsoft Student Graphing Calculator Application, as a worksheet file. .gcw files usually contain graphs and other mathematical concepts and equations that make the Math software a helpful tool for students. Microsoft Mathematics works as an educational tool that helps students or anybody in learning mathematical operations and concepts. Microsoft Student Graphing Calculator Application is a newer version of Microsoft Math as it was just recently released by Microsoft. The program was developed to make math an easier subject. Math is considered as among the most challenging subjects by many students. With this tool, students could quickly and easily learn math in interesting ways. Users can install this program into their supported Microsoft Windows-based systems in order to access the features of this educational tool and open or view the content of these GCW files.

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Microsoft Mathematics
Detail gcw file extension information:
File Type: gcw
File Format: Microsoft Mathematics Worksheet
Primary Association: Data Files