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format file gpi

What is a gpi file and how do I open a gpi file?

The .gpi file format was developed by Garmin, a company that creates hardware units called GPS Navigation. GPS Navigation is a widely used device commonly synched with mobile phones, and this device is used in locating directions and routes. The .gpi format is implemented into files that contain pieces of geographic information, such as the location of the user’s point of interest. For instance, if the user’s point of interest is a shopping mall, .gpi files will display information about the location of that shopping mall and the nearest routes to take to reach that shopping mall. This is why .gpi files are highly useful in GPS devices. The POIConverter software can be used to open and view the content of these files. This file format is also used in fax files by Bitware. Whether the fax file was sent or received, as long as they are created by the Bitware Fax program, these fax documents use the .gpi extension as its fax output file format.

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Garmin POI Loader
Garmin POI Loader
Detail gpi file extension information:
File Type: gpi
File Format: Garmin Point of Interest File
Primary Association: Data Files