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format file blg

What is a blg file and how do I open a blg file?

Microsoft Windows binary performance log files are affixed with the BLG extension upon the creation of the Microsoft Windows Performance Monitor tracking application and other programs supported by the Microsoft Windows system. The functionalities and specifications integrated into the BLG format are also supported by certain features found in Microsoft Windows Administrative Tools and the Microsoft Relog software, particularly logging functionalities of data relevant to system performance. The content of these BLG files mostly includes historical data of how system resources were used by the certain applications and the system itself. These may include CPU resources used by actively running applications and system processes, the amount of memory delegated to each background and foreground process as well as the disk space consumed by certain programs. Typing "relog" in Microsoft Command Prompt will export these BLG files into CSV document formats. Mac users do not need to open or access the content of these BLG files.

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Detail blg file extension information:
File Type: blg
File Format: Windows Binary Performance Log File
Primary Association: Data Files