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format file cidb

What is a cidb file and how do I open a cidb file?

The CIDB file extension is a data format associated to iTunes CD Information. CIDB files and iTunes were developed by Apple Corporation. These files contain CD information like album and track names downloaded from the CDDB (Compact Disc Database) and CD and track names for burned CDs. They are referred to as "CD Info.cidb" by default which can be found in Mac OS X in the file path "/Users/username/Library/Preferences" folder. In Windows XP, they are located in "Documents and SettingsusernameApplication DataApple ComputeriTunes" directory. In Windows Vista, they are stored in the "/Users/username/AppData/Roaming/Apple Computer/iTunes" folder. Files in CIDB format can be opened with Apple iTunes in Mac Os and Microsoft Windows based systems. CD Information also includes artist name, composer, disc number, genre and year. They can be retrieved from the internet or entered manually by the user. The user has to make sure that CD information is accurate particularly track names before submitting them to CDDB, otherwise Gracenote CDDB would receive incomplete information.

Mac OS
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Detail cidb file extension information:
File Type: cidb
File Format: iTunes CD Information File
Primary Association: Audio Files