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format file dig

What is a dig file and how do I open a dig file?

The DIG file extension is a data format known as Sound Designer Audio File. This file format only supports 16-bit monophonic short duration (on the order of seconds) audio samples. The files have either a .DIG or .SD format and are used for short sounds. They are used for transferring audio data between digital audio workstation (DAW) applications. They are similar in structure to AIFF files, and can contain timestamped region information. DIG files and Sound Designer software were developed by Digidesign and released in 1985. Digidesign is now Avid Audio, a digital audio technology company. The software was originally designed to edit sounds for the E-MU Emulator sampling keyboard. The successor of Sound Designer I is SD2, a more flexible format. Files in DIG format can be opened with FMJ-Software Awave Audio in Microsoft Windows-based systems.

Mac OS
Recommended dig file download:
FMJ-Software Awave Audio
Digidesign Sound Designer
Detail dig file extension information:
File Type: dig
File Format: Sound Designer Audio File
Primary Association: Audio Files