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format file dls

What is a dls file and how do I open a dls file?

The DLS file extension is a data format known as Downloadable Sounds File. DLS files are audio files that contain sounds of instruments, regions, articulations, and the samples themselves that can be played back using a MIDI input device. These files are Roland GS MIDI sound set and based in the Interactive Music Architecture. There are three current versions of the DLS standard namely DLS Level 1 and DLS Level 2 and Mobile DLS. DLS Level 1 format provide files compatible with the DLS synthesizer architecture level 1 while DLS Level 2 files are compatible with the DLS synthesizer architecture level 2. Mobile DLS format has reduced feature set and memory requirements, for mobile phones. They are related to the SoundFont format created by Creative Labs. Files in DLS format can be opened with SimpleSynth in Mac operating systems. For Microsoft Windows based systems, they can be opened with FMJ-Software Awave Studio.

Mac OS
Recommended dls file download:
FMJ-Software Awave Studio
Detail dls file extension information:
File Type: dls
File Format: Downloadable Sounds File
Primary Association: Audio Files