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format file psm

What is a psm file and how do I open a psm file?

The PSM file extension is used to indicate audio files used by Protracker Studio, a freeware tracker which is one of the first programs to allow creation of music without studio equipment. Trackers basically are music sequencers used to create and edit module files. The software allows users to create music by creating “patterns” or sequencing a series of notes. It came with a keyboard split function to assign multiple instruments to the different parts of the keyboard. It also features a built in sample editor. The number of maximum number of patterns was raised from 64 to 128 by extending its MOD format. PSM files are considered as the tracker format wherein it may contain tracks and the patterns and sequences that were created through Protracker. Such files may be opened and edit through programs that are compatible with the MOD format.

Mac OS
Recommended psm file download:
MODPlug Player
Detail psm file extension information:
File Type: psm
File Format: Protracker Studio Module
Primary Association: Audio Files