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format file sfl

What is a sfl file and how do I open a sfl file?

When users create and edit sound files with the use of Sound Forge, the files that serve as storage of information about the markers and regions of that certain sound file are the SFL files. These files usually have the same file name as the audio file and are saved in exactly the same directory that corresponding audio file was saved into. The only difference is that it uses the extension SFL. Sound Forge is an application used for editing digital audio and it was developed and distributed by Sony, although it was originally developed and distributed by Sonic Foundry. Sound Forge comes with the old and new versions already and a file’s audio waveform image is saved using the newer version of the application. SFL files do not store the actual data of an audio file. Instead, they are saved with the file. SFL files can be opened using Sony Sound Forge and Sony Vegas.

Recommended sfl file download:
Sony Sound Forge Pro 10
Sony Vegas Pro 12
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Detail sfl file extension information:
File Type: sfl
File Format: Sound Forge Sound Data File
Primary Association: Audio Files