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format file 3dt

What is a 3dt file and how do I open a 3dt file?

Files with the .3dt extension are used by the 3D Topicscape application. These 3DT files are data files with content referenced by the 3D Topicscape program when it accesses the Firebird relational database to store or retrieve information. The metadata of a 3D Topicscape project is stored in these 3DT files. This means files with the .3dt extension can serve as a data file containing a set of 3D concept maps or a 3D mind map cluster entered by the user of the 3D Topicscape application. 3D-Scape Limited developed the 3D Topicscape software for Microsoft Windows-based systems as a PIM (Personal Information Manager) application integrated with concept or mind mapping templates. The content of these concept and mind mapping templates are displayed in 3D, where nodes are represented by pyramids to visually present to the user the relation of a node to others included in the 3D concept or mind map.

Recommended 3dt file download:
3D Topicscape
Detail 3dt file extension information:
File Type: 3dt
File Format: 3D Topicscape File
Primary Association: Data Files