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format file a5l

What is an a5l file and how do I open an a5l file?

Controls integrated by a user into an Authorware 5 application output file are stored in files with the .a5l extension, among other pieces of data such as icons and images. An Authorware 5 application output file is an application development project created by an Authorware 5 user, and these are media-rich applications used for e-learning purposes. The Authorware 5 application is software that promotes the development of applications offering media-rich content used in e-learning environments. These applications can be distributed and packaged as online or offline e-learning tools and digital materials. The Authorware 5 application locates the associated A5L data file and references the content stored in the file whenever a user accesses the content of an application project developed using Authorware 5, and the retrieval of these stored elements and objects is also done by the Authorware 5 software when required. Users of Microsoft Windows-based systems can use version 5 or later of Authorware to implement support for these A5L files, and version 7 of the Authorware application is widely used by a lot of Microsoft Windows users. Mac users can also use the Authorware 7 software to create these application development projects and integrate into their systems support for files in the .a5l extension.

Recommended a5l file download:
Adobe Authorware 7
Detail a5l file extension information:
File Type: a5l
File Format: Authorware 5 Library
Primary Association: Data Files