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format file aft

What is an aft file and how do I open an aft file?

Content stored in a file used by an associated application as reference data are known as data files, and some of these data files are used as the databases themselves of the corresponding programs. An example of these database files is a file appended with the .aft extension. Also called Ancestry.com Family Tree database files, the pieces of data stored in these AFT files are entered by users with the Ancestry.com Family Tree Maker software, and this application automatically creates an AFT file that corresponds with the output file saved by the user. The content of these AFT files includes the names of relatives and other pieces of information about each relative among other genealogic details. The data stored in a file with the .aft extension can also be updated via the Internet, specifically through the Ancestry.com website. The Ancestry.com Family Tree Maker software can be installed in a Microsoft Windows-based system, so users can implement access to the content of these .aft files and begin to create output projects associated to an .aft file, which will automatically be created by this application upon saving the project output file.

Recommended aft file download:
Ancestry.com Family Tree Maker
Detail aft file extension information:
File Type: aft
File Format: Ancestry.com Family Tree Database
Primary Association: Data Files