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format file awdb

What is an awdb file and how do I open an awdb file?

Database files are also classified as data files, and files appended with the .awdb extension are used to store encrypted details with the Access Walker software. This means when an Acess Walker user access the features available in the software that corresponds with specific data stored in the database of the application, the Access Walker software then locates the associated AWDB file and references the data stored in the file. Also known as Access Walker database files, the AWDB file format was developed by ISS Data Security, which also developed the Access Walker application. This software can be used to organize a user's set of login details and security access information, such as passwords, in more manageable ways. These sensitive details and confidential pieces of private information are secured by the Access Walker software, because its encryption feature is integrated with Blowfish and AES algorithms developed for encryption specifications and standards. The Access Walker software can also be used to store multiple types of confidential details and several pieces of sensitive personal information in one file that can be accessed with the use of a password entered by the user during the encryption of those details.

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ISS Data Security Access Walker
Detail awdb file extension information:
File Type: awdb
File Format: Access Walker Database File
Primary Association: Data Files