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format file bcc

What is a bcc file and how do I open a bcc file?

Broderbund developed the BCC file format and stores in these .bcc files data associated to a project created using the Calender Creator Deluxe 12 software. Version 12 of the Calendar Creator Deluxe software uses a lot of files stored in proprietary formats. Some of these files are classified as data files, and a file appended with the BCC extension are also classified as data files but are more commonly known as Broderbund Calendar Creator files, since these are project output files created and saved by users with the Calendar Creator Deluxe 12 program. This software is used to develop a personalized calendar of activities, events and plans. Calendar template details are also stored in these BCC files and are referenced by the Calendar Creator Deluxe 12 program when a user opens and views the content of a BCC project. The Calendar Creator Deluxe 12 software can be installed by users of computers running on Microsoft Windows-based systems, and upon installation, users can start creating, opening and modifying the content of BCC project output files using this program. Printing these BCC files in many supported media output types and exporting it in other formats, such as in HTML, are features integrated into the Calendar Creator Deluxe 12 software.

Recommended bcc file download:
Broderbund Calendar Creator Deluxe 12
Detail bcc file extension information:
File Type: bcc
File Format: Calendar Creator File
Primary Association: Data Files