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format file bci

What is a bci file and how do I open a bci file?

Files with the .bci extension can be opened using any standard Web browser application developed for users of computers with Microsoft Windows-based systems. The BCI format was developed by Belarc as a report file for its Belarc Advisor program. These report files are also classified as data files because of the content stored in a file created and saved in the .bci format using the Belarc Advisor application. Of course, BCI files can be opened using the Belarc Advisor software, a program designed to provide specific details and information about the diferent hardware components of a computer where this software was used to generate a report. Details about applications installed in the system, including device driver software, among other pieces of information like Center for Internet Security benchmark details and missing Microsoft Windows hotfixes are stored in these BCC files and are viewable using the Belarc Advisor software and a standard Web browser for Microsoft Windows platforms.

Recommended bci file download:
Belarc Advisor
Viewable in a Web browser
Detail bci file extension information:
File Type: bci
File Format: Belarc Advisor Report File
Primary Association: Data Files