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format file bdic

What is a bdic file and how do I open a bdic file?

Files affixed with the .bdic extension are dictionary files used by Google Chrome, a widely used Web browser for Microsoft Windows-based systems. Specific files are used by certain associated applications to reference the content of those files and provide the user with integrated features corresponding to the code sequences or text data in those files, and these are classified as data files. These BDIC files are also categorized as data files and are more specifically known as Chrome dictionary files. The Google Chrome Web browser references the data stored in these BDIC files whenever a user accesses a set of features that correspond to the information found in a Chrome dictionary file. These details include dictionary definitions of terms entered into the file by Google developers who created the BDIC file, and an example of an integrated function into the Google Chrome Web browser that corresponds to the data in these BDIC files is the spell checking functionality available in this Web browser software. There are also different BDIC files, each intended for a language supported by the Google Chrome Web browser.

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Detail bdic file extension information:
File Type: bdic
File Format: Chrome Dictionary File
Primary Association: Data Files