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format file bfx

What is a bfx file and how do I open a bfx file?

The BFX format is used to create and save project output files developed using the Bitware application. Digital fax software is used to create, view, edit, send and receive fax documents to a user's contacts using the Internet, and an example of these digital fax applications is the Bitware program. These digital fax applications use data files to perform the functions integrated into this software upon user request, and the Bitware software references the data of these files to do this and to also load other files referenced by the data stored in those data files. The Bitware application can be used to create files with the BFX extension, which are also classified as data files and more specifically known as Bitware fax documents. The Bitware software can be installed in a Microsoft Windows-based system, so users can implement the functionalities integrated into this program for fax document development and online transmissions. Cheyenne developed the BFX file format alongside the development of the Bitware application, which was popular back then as an application bundled with certain modem devices. Third party applications can be used to convert these BFX files into formats supported by more systems and applications, such as JPEG and PDF.

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Detail bfx file extension information:
File Type: bfx
File Format: Bitware Fax Document
Primary Association: Data Files