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format file bgt

What is a bgt file and how do I open a bgt file?

Files appended with the BGT extension are used by the Graphic Accounts software to create data files containing reference data entered by the author of an associated Graphic Accounts project. FKJ Software developed the Graphic Accounts application as a program that can be used for generating reports containing a user's personal financial portfolio. When the user enters budgetary details in a Graphic Accounts project, this prompts the software to create a file in the BGT format and associate it with the project in question. The user then saves the project in the ACC format, the output file format of the Graphic Accounts application, and this software also enters the BGT file that correspond to the project. When a user opens and views the content of the Graphic Accounts project, the software locates the associated BGT file and displays the content entered by the author of the project as the budgetary details of the output report. Users of Microsoft Windows-based systems can install the Graphic Accounts software to start creating and editing ACC projects.

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FKJ Software Graphic Accounts
Detail bgt file extension information:
File Type: bgt
File Format: Graphics Accounts Data File
Primary Association: Data Files