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format file bim

What is a bim file and how do I open a bim file?

An example of a specific file type classified in general as data files is a file in the BIM format, and these files are used by an application developed by Bytessence. The Bytessence InstallMaker, which is used to create, open and view the content of these BIM files. These BIM files are Bytessence project output files and also called Bytessence InstallMaker files. The Bytessence InstallMaker application is software developed by Bytessence for Microsoft Windows users who need to create installer applications of their custom software projects developed with compatibility support for Microsoft Windows platforms. A user can install the Bytessence InstallMaker software into his or her Microsoft Windows-based computer to be able to create and open these BIM files. The content of these BIM files includes details entered by the user to a project developed using the Bytessence InstallMaker program. This means the Bytessence InstallMaker program references the data stored in these BIM files and displays it to the user via the GUI (Graphical User Interface) of the software when the user opens a Bytessence InstallMaker project saved and associated to the BIM file. These details entered by the author of the BIM project specifically include application information, required hardware and software components of the installation process and the software, data on uninstalling the program, compression alternatives for the installation process and descriptions of the installation application's visual appearance. These BIM files are also stored with reference data that includes details of which files will be included in the installer development project. The Bytessence InstallMaker software is a freeware application.

Recommended bim file download:
Bytessence InstallMaker
Detail bim file extension information:
File Type: bim
File Format: Bytessence InstallMaker Document
Primary Association: Data Files