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format file btif

What is a btif file and how do I open a btif file?

Files appended with the BTIF extension refer to data files with image data. These are called NationsBank check image files and can be viewed in a standard Web browser developed with support for Microsoft Windows-based systems. Users can install the NationsBank Check Viewing plugin application to implement support for these BTIF files, because this Web browser add-on application is required to view the content of a BTIF file. The data stored in a BTIF file may include text content encoded in ASCII, and these pieces of data can be the date the clearance and issuance dates of the check along with other details. These BTIF files also contain image data that may be compressed using a number of image file compression technologies, one of which is the JPEG file compression format. Bank of America, formerly known as NationsBank, in which the change of name happened in 1998, developed the BTIF format and the NationsBank Check Viewing plugin software. Mac users need to access a computer running on Microsoft Windows because the BTIF file is not supported by Web browsers developed for Mac platforms.

Recommended btif file download:
Web browser with NationsBank Check Viewing plugin
Detail btif file extension information:
File Type: btif
File Format: NationsBank Check Image File
Primary Association: Data Files