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format file ccp

What is a ccp file and how do I open a ccp file?

Files in the CCP format are appended with the .ccp extension and are referenced by the RIB iTwo program. Engineering and construction industries implement design applications developed for creating digital presentations of construction and engineering designs. The RIB iTwo software is one of these construction and engineering design programs, and this application is classified as CAD software. The data stored in these CCP files includes code developed as a conversion profile used for internal and external data field mapping functionalities. External data fields may come from XLS or TXT sources among other documents in supported formats, while internal data fields used in a CCP file are from internal files encoded in the iTwo XML format. The RIB Import Converter software is an applet implemented into the RIB iTwo application, and this specifically uses the data stored in these CCP files. Microsoft Windows users who need to create these engineering and construction projects and to implement support into their systems for these CCP files can install the RIB iTwo application to do this.

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Detail ccp file extension information:
File Type: ccp
File Format: RIB Import Converter Profile
Primary Association: Data Files