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format file chn

What is a chn file and how do I open a chn file?

Files in the CHN format are data files developed by Qualis Research Associates for their Ethnograph software. These files are affixed with the .chn extension and are also specifically called Ethnograph data files. Qualitative data research is commonly referred to as ethnography, and a wide variety of computer programs have been developed to provide data researchers, scientists, medical professionals and engineers with more convenient and helpful features for conducting qualitative data research and analysis. Older versions of the Ethnograph software reference the data stored in these CHN files when required to implement a set of features integrated into the program as requested by the user, and in particular, these functionalities are features built into this software for data analysis. Other applications developed for similar qualitative data research and analysis can be connected to compatible external devices and machines attached to a Microsoft Windows-based system. Users can install the Ethnograph software from Qualis Research Associates to implement support into their Microsoft Windows-based systems for these CHN files.

Recommended chn file download:
Qualis Research Associates Ethnograph
Detail chn file extension information:
File Type: chn
File Format: Ethnograph Data
Primary Association: Data Files