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format file ckt

What is a ckt file and how do I open a ckt file?

Files affixed with the .ckt extension are specifically called CircuitMaker files, and these CKT files contain data referenced by the Altium Designer software. This program can be used to create and edit PCB designs. Several applications developed for creating designs of PCBs or Printed Circuit Boards are generally classified as CAD programs, and the CircuitMaker software from MicroCode also use files appended with the .ckt extension. These applications can be used to simulate the functionalities implemented into a PCB design authored by the user. The Altium Designer program replaced the MicroCode CircuitMaker to offer users an intuitive interface and a broader set of functionalities useful for developing electronic product designs. Users of computers running on Microsoft Windows can install the Altium Designer application to integrate support for these CKT files into their systems and to also start creating electronic product designs. The data stored in these CKT files are used by the Altium Designer software to display the associated details or to provide the corresponding feature requested by the user from the software.

Recommended ckt file download:
Altium Designer
MicroCode CircuitMaker (discontinued)
Detail ckt file extension information:
File Type: ckt
File Format: CircuitMaker File
Primary Association: Data Files